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Metric Screws and Well Nuts

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Metric Screws and Well Nuts

wellnut installation instructions

Many windshields are held on with rubber and brass Well Nuts. If you over tighten these or live in a smoggy area or your bike simply gets a bit old, these can wear out. We stock replacement parts. Our well nuts fit in a 3/8" hole, are .665" long, and fit a 5mm metric screw. We sell them in packs of six for $3. If you buy these seperately, we ship by air mail for $3 to the US, $5 to Canada, $6 to Europe. Our shopping cart doesn't understand small orders, it will overcharge on shipping. We'll refund the difference.

Some riders prefer the look of knob screws on their adventure bikes. These also let you change the windshield quickly without tools.

windshield with knobscrews Replacement Well Nuts - Dia: .375" Len: .665" 5mm threads, 6 pieces $3
Replacement Knob Screws - 25mm (1") knob, 5mm screw, 20mm long, 4 pieces $11