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Kawasaki KLR 650 Windshields

● Vented for minimum turbulence and back pressure
● Available in two heights
● Shape designed to compliment the lines of the KLR 650
● Excellent coverage of torso
● Very quiet cockpit area, with much less noise and turbulence than stock
● No back pressure
● Allows full steering lock in both directions
● Made from 4.5mm thick (3/16") DOT certified impact resistant plastic
Laser cut for precision aerodynamics and fit
● Includes storage cover, micro-fiber cleaning towel, and mini-spray bottle of windshield cleaner
Installation Instructions
Watch our laser cut a windshield
All about our windshield designs
How to choose the right windshield height for you
Forum Postings on our KLR shields

Laminar Wind Deflector for Calsci KLR Windshield

The KLR windshield is mounted at a steep angle. This means we cannot make an XL shield, as the top edge of the shield gets too close to the rider's face. We have designed a laminar flow deflector which has been very successful in improving airflow for our tallest KLR customers. If you're over 6' tall, this deflector on the Calsci windshield will give you superlative performance. The deflector attaches to the windshield with double stick tape. No holes to drill, installation takes 1 minute.
Width High
Width Low

H = 23.5" = 59cm       H1 = 15" = 39cm
WH = 14"
WL = 17.5"

H = 22" = 52cm       H1 = 13.5" = 35cm
WH = 14"
WL = 17.5"
Wind Deflector

For KLR riders over 6' tall
Other Stuff for your Bike
Well Nuts


Dia: .375" Len: .665" 5mm screw 6 pieces
Heated Grip Kit

Heater elements for use with your stock grips
Heated Seat Kit

Heater element for use with your stock seat
Two kits required to heat both rider and passenger seats
Heat Controller

5 level controller for heated seat or grip kit
Handlebar Mitts

Keep your hands warm and dry

Keep your neck and chin warm
Seat Modification Kit

Relieve the pressure on your hip bones
Includes foam for both rider and passenger seats