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Managing Jury Summoning with BrainMaker

The Intelligent Summoner from MEA (Norristown, PA) allows a courthouse to dramatically reduce the number of jurors called for potential service, saving an average of 25-40% of the cost of jurors. Courts often waste money by calling (and paying for) more potential jurors to show up and wait around than are needed for the cases being heard. The Montgomery Court House in Norristown, PA saves $35 thousand annually using this system.

The Intelligent Summoner determines the number of jurors needed for the next day at a specific court house. The program is custom-tailored for a specific courthouse by MEA with information about that courthouse. At least one year's worth of past information about the courthouse is needed for custom-tailoring. The information can be entered into the Intelligent Summoner system and includes dates, judges, types of cases, and number of jurors used at a particular court house. A file is written to disk which is then sent to MEA.

MEA then creates and trains a neural network using BrainMaker, which learns the needs of that courthouse. The trained neural network is sent back to the courthouse and the file is read onto the PC. From then on, the system is ready for use at that courthouse by anyone with typing skills.

To use the system, a daily survey of tomorrow's judges, trial types, and size of jury panel is input with the data-entry portion of the program. The program will immediately provide the total number of jurors that should be called for tomorrow.

The Intelligent Summoner, an IBM PC/MS DOS compatible program, was developed by Mr. Robert MacNeel as Director of Data Processing for Montgomery Courthouse, Norristown, PA.


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